Lava / Rhodonite beaded Bracelets

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Experience the healing powers of Lava and Rhodonite stones with these beautiful stone bracelets. Enhance your connection with love by bringing balance to your relationships with the natural properties of Lava and Rhodonite. Handcrafted and thoughtfully designed to provide a calming and grounding effect.

Black lava stone bracelet with Rhodonite stones and a heart charm, come in Gold or Silver.  This bracelet is made with an elastic tie so the it can fit on your wrist with comfort.   The meaning behind the stones is to give healing / support in relationship or heartache,  This bracelet is a symbol of love. The lave stones can bring balance in your life, bring balance to emotions and calmness, strength and stability.  This bracelet makes for a Great gift to a loving Mother, Wife, or daughter. it can be worn at any special occasion or just an everyday accessory.  

gold / silver heart charms